Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ECC : Arsenal 1 Manchester United 3

The tale of Emirates Stadium is vanished as Christiano Ronaldo scored 2 goals to power United to a 3 - 1 win over Arsenal in the second leg of European Champions League Semifinal last night. United will now meet the winner of another Semifinal clash tomorrow between Chelsea and Barcelona.

United dominated the game as early as the kick off until the 8th minute when United wingman Park Ji Sung scored the first goal. United striker, Wayne Rooney pass the ball and the Korean midfielder wasted no chance when Arsenal defender, Gibbs fall when try to block the pass. Ji Sung made no mistake to volley the ball pass Arsenal's goalkeeper, Manuel Almunia. The second goal is only 3 minutes later when Christiano Ronaldo fires a free kick pass Almunia 30 yards from goal. The game is really finish by this time. Theorically, Arsenal will need 4 goal to overcome United and by the way they are playing, it's impossible.

United keep on dominated the game although they're leading. MAnuel Almunia made a series of superb save to stop United improving the lead. Rooney, Anderson, Ji Sung and Ronaldo tries will all saved by him. Second half started and it was Arsenal dominate the game. Kieran Gibbs was subtituted with Emmanuale Eboue. Arsenal try to push the ball towards United box but United defender, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand was superb tonight. United launch a counter attack at 61st minute and it paid of when Rooney smartly pass the ball to Ronaldo in the box and Ronaldo simply make it 3 - 0. Now, Arsenal will need 5 goals to overcome United. United defender, Patrice Evra was subtitute by Rafael Da Silva and Wayne Rooney was subtitute with Dimitar Berbatov. Arsenal try to dominate the game but Rafael was fantastic enough to stop the Arsenal striker.

At the 75th minute, Arsenal awarded the penalty by the referee. Darren Fletcher tackles Fabregas inside the box and he was shown straight red card. He will of course miss the final in Rome. It's not some kind of nasty tackle. Referee should just yellow carded him. It's really a misjudgement by the referee at that highest level of football. Van Persie shot home a penalty to make the scoreline 3 - 1. Ronaldo misses 2 great chance of making the night historic as the hatric hero. It's a superb match with superb play making by Rooney and Carrick. Superb defend by Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Rafael Da Silva and Nemanja Vidic. Park Ji Sung, Christiano Ronaldo, Anderson, Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher is controlling the midfield with such a great pace and speed.

After all, it's worth spending my sleep time to watch such a match.......

My Father...........

I will like to write about my father. He is a great man and my idol. He's quite tall but I'm taller than him. He has a handsome face like me but he is darker than me. He's not so fat but he is fatter than me. He has a very angry face. You couldn't imagine it how it will look when he's angry.

He likes to scold me all the times. Even the simplest mistake I made will cost me half an hour of pain in ear. Actually, I love it now because nowadays I live far from my hometown and I really miss his voice. He is a very outgoing person. He is also very independent person and very friendly. But he's too protective sometimes. I still ask him to go anywhere until now even if I'm 22. He is also very loving and caring. He calls me everyday and ask about me, my study and if I needed any money. He should really be The Father of The Year.....

Clash of The Emirates

Tonight, 2 English team will battle to book a place in Champions League final in Rome. Arsenal will take on Manchester United at Emirates Stadium, the stadium which United haven't beat Arsenal yet. United already have an advantage over the game, courtesy of John O'Shea's goal in first leg at Old Trafford.

Having controlled the first leg superbly, United miss a lot of chance to increase the lead. Midfield dominance by Anderson, Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher is proved too much for Arsenal youngsters to take on. The attacking force of Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez and Christiano Ronaldo is devastating. It's proved when Arsenal's keeper, Manuel Almunia keeping his net safe by a series of superb save.

Can United do it again tonight? Only time will tell