Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Father...........

I will like to write about my father. He is a great man and my idol. He's quite tall but I'm taller than him. He has a handsome face like me but he is darker than me. He's not so fat but he is fatter than me. He has a very angry face. You couldn't imagine it how it will look when he's angry.

He likes to scold me all the times. Even the simplest mistake I made will cost me half an hour of pain in ear. Actually, I love it now because nowadays I live far from my hometown and I really miss his voice. He is a very outgoing person. He is also very independent person and very friendly. But he's too protective sometimes. I still ask him to go anywhere until now even if I'm 22. He is also very loving and caring. He calls me everyday and ask about me, my study and if I needed any money. He should really be The Father of The Year.....

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  1. '....Is there someone you know
    and loving him so
    and taking him all for granted.
    UYou may lose him one day
    Someone takes them away
    ..and he don't hear the words you want to say ...."