Friday, June 5, 2009

Key Factor to United Loss

Key Factor #1 : Trembling Midfield

This is the major factor that lead to United's loss in Rome. Can you believe, Michael Carrick playing the game that night with broken toe? His partner, Anderson is still not very experienced in big match. United might fell the absence of suspended Darren Fletcher in midfield in that game.

Midfield dominance is the key factor to United success in England and Europe from early 90s until now. Back then, United's infamous captain, Irish international's Roy Keane successfully play his role as playmaker with the companies like David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Dubbed as 'The Bulldozer' because of his pace and creativity to move the ball from defending to attacking. His successor, Oven Hargreaves, signed from Bayern Munich, play at almost the same style with Keane and play an important role in United success last season where they win both Premier League and Champions League.

Playing just 5 games this season, Hargreaves, which is also England's midfielder is sidelined thanks to his knee injury for the whole season. He is expected to return in action next season. But the question is, will he be the same Hargreaves even though he didn't play for a season?

Meanwhile, Anderson, the Brazilian international is yet to find the net for United after 3 season. He is known for his efford and energy running through midfield, smooth passing, and harsh tackles. His midfield team, Darren Fletcher, the Scottish international's captain is on his best form this season. Suspended for final because of the red card in previous game, Fletcher is the midfielder in his own class. Posses the same playing style with Michael Carrick, they can dominate the midfield in each of United game.

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