Monday, March 30, 2009

EA Sports's FIFA Soccer 09

It might be too late for me to post about this game which is released around 4 months back. But I'm really eager to share my experience playing this game with all the readers. Electronic Art's Sport Division, EA Sport really done a good job in and improved the game with much more move, style and the variety of player which almost resembles their true potential on the pitch. The improved difficulties of World Class and Legendary is really something that move you to spend a time in front of your PC playing FIFA 09. The Artificial Intelligence or AI which automatically shut's all the possible ways to create goals in Legendary difficulties is really challenging.

The only negative thing's about it is it crashed when I play the 3rd season of Manager Mode. Not only me, but every Manager Mode player having the same problem. You can see it at EA Sports forums. I've just recently downloaded and installed the official FIFA 09 Patch and it seems that the problem is gone. I'm in my 7th season of Manager Mode right now and I dont encounter any problem at all. Nice work guys...

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