Monday, March 30, 2009

Poem....How the hell on earth i'm going to create my own poem

Another miserable days in my life as my lecturer (Mr. Mus, it's you) want us to create our own poem and present it to him......

The main question is, how do we create a poem ?
Why can't we just edited someone else poem and make it to look like ours...
Owh Mr Mus, i'm not that creative and i'm not used to imagine some boring stuff to inspire me...

Anyone, plz help me....


  1. hahahah! What about something like this.

    The day I felt so so very blue
    Defeat they , my favourite MU
    I ask myself how can this be
    This loss, this defeat , this hell, oh poor me !

    If Man can cry I know I would
    Maybe I did, maybe I could.
    This loss, this kill, suffered by MU
    Is worst than your girlfriend leaving you.

    ...something like that ...write praises of ur favourite team or game. heheheh

  2. Wow, u r so creative sir...
    what if i juz take that for my poem