Friday, March 20, 2009

Rumors : Upcoming ATI Radeon 4890

There's has been rumour around all the tech sites about upcoming ATi Radeon HD4890. It's stated that the new card will be using RV770 design, same as ATi's current flagship model (ATi Radeon HD 4870) but comes with higher core clocks and memory clocks. It will ships with 2 verson, a normal HD4890 and an overclocked version. And for sure, 2 HD4890 will be combined to compete head to head with NVIDIA's GTX 295!!!!!

The other post stated that the upcoming card will use different die which is the new RV790 design. The new design will carry more shader processor than the existing thus offer more performance with low power requirement. Anyway, we'll be seeing which one is true coz both post expect the new card in April..........

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